Alabama Senator challenges Obama administration security policies

Posted by: Bob Howell - bio | email

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions says Wednesday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on terrorism will give members the "opportunity to address the grave and growing threats facing our country," Sessions said in a recent news release.

"It will also provide a forum to discuss the national security policies of this administration—policies that I believe are moving us back toward the failed approach in place before 9/11."

Sessions writes, "On Christmas Day we narrowly escaped disaster. It was a harrowing reminder that we are faced with a ruthless enemy—one that will stop at nothing in its quest to kill American civilians." He continues "Intelligence officials have confirmed that, at this very moment, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is plotting new attacks against our country."

Sen. Session was critical of the Obama administration's security policies - especially in light of the Christmas day incident on an American airliner headed to Detroit.  Sessions writes,   "Unfortunately, the Obama administration has been stripping these tools away. That effort is grounded in a profound misconception—that terrorists are common criminals, not war criminals—and it leads to many other perilous decisions."

The senator continues, "They have even endorsed legislation that would weaken our ability to gather vital intelligence. We should be building on and perfecting the security apparatus we put in place after 9/11—not tearing it down."

"Now is not the time to close our eyes again," Sessions concluded. "Now is not the time to return to the security policies that failed us in the past. I look forward to discussing these pressing issues at tomorrow's hearing—and what we can and must do to protect America."

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