Mad fan wants to repay ex-Tenn. coach

KNOXVILLE, (NBC) - As the Derek Dooley era begins at the University of Tennessee, one Volunteer fan is offering up a lasting parting shot to Coach Lane Kiffin.

Knoxville attorney Drew McElroy has filed paperwork with the Knoxville City Council's Public Properties and Facilities Naming Committee to rename a waste water treatment plant the "Lane Kiffin Sewage Center."

"At first I was offended that he would sneak out in the middle of the night, like a one night stand," McElroy said. But now, he's over it.

The University of Tennessee has a lot of tradition on campus naming buildings and streets after former greats. Neyland Stadium, Peyton Manning Pass, and Phillip Fulmer Way are examples.

McElroy said after driving down Neyland Drive and seeing all the history, it hit him. Renaming the Kuwahee Wastewater Treatment Plant would be the best way to let Kiffin know he understands why the coach left.

"It dawned on me--Lane Kiffin told us that he hoped the fans would understand. I thought 'Well, naming the wastewater plant for him would let him know, I think very clearly, we do understand,'" McElroy, an off-and-on season ticket holder said. "We want to memorialize his stay here, and I think this would be doing it appropriately."

McElroy says he wrote the $262 check for the application fee and mailed it to the City Council's Clerk last week.

"We don't have to rename the entire facility after him, just a part of it," he said.

McElroy conceded just a cesspool at the facility would be enough to satisfy him.

On the application, he says he wanted "to honor our recently departed head coach and raise awareness of the good work done by the Knoxville Utilities Board."

"I think it'd be very fitting. He's definitely garbage," UT Student Paul Mills said.

While McElroy admits it's funny to think about Kiffin's name associated with a place with a specialty in human waste, the attorney is serious about the plan and says he will follow through, showing up at whatever meetings he needs to attend.

Calls to the University of Southern California's Athletic Department requesting comment from the former Volunteer coach were not returned Tuesday.

"What he says about it? I could care less," McElroy said. "Knowing what we know now, I don't think anybody is angry he's gone."

Both the University of Tennessee and the Knoxville Utilities Board had no official comment on the proposed name change.

The Public Property naming committee only meets a few times each year. Members say they're not certain when they'll take up the renaming issue.

McElroy says he cannot wait, hopefully by next fall, to make the trip to Neyland Stadium and see Lane Kiffin's 7-6 season permanently remembered.

"I'll have a big grin on my face every time I drive down Neyland Drive," he said.