Treasure Hunter road show stops in Dothan

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DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) – From your jewelry box to the bank.

The Ohio Valley Treasure Hunters Road show, a gold and silver refinery is making a stop in Dothan this week.

The firm is holding a show where the general public can sell their precious metals or antiques for cash on the spot.

The sound of coins clanking is a familiar one at the Treasure Hunters Road show.

"We set up shows like this to buy precious metals, gold silver, platinum, antique guitars, war memorabilia, pocket watches, antique watches, antique toys," says Don Land, road show manager.

The road show holds these reclamation drives all over the country.  They're designed for the general public to sell their items direct to the firm getting paid with cash on the spot.

"So if you bring in your collectable's, your antiques, we can usually find a buyer for them in five to ten minutes and cut you a check right away," says Land.

For some visiting the road show it's curiosity about their items.

"I just wanted to know if I had something valuable or not," says Susanne Gigante.

"If it's not worth anything it's just the sentimental value of it, just to find out the history of it," added William Shilling.

But for others it's a way to make quick cash for next month's rent or this week's groceries.

"With the prices of silver being as high as they are it's a good cash in for them, a lot of people are coming in to pay a bill knock down there credit card bills so it's a little stimulus here, put some money in their pocket and the local economy," explains Land.

Organizers say they expect to purchase over $300,000 worth of items during their stop in Dothan.

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