Overnight rains flood yards and roads in Houston County

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Dothan, AL (WSFA) – Mother Nature dumped as much as six inches of rain in parts of Houston County Wednesday night and Thursday morning, putting more than 20 roads and bridges underwater.

The rain is also to blame for residential flooding in the county, with knee-deep water in some people's yards.

Ruby Exum considers herself lucky.

"The water came up to my front porch and lacked about two inches of coming into my house."  She said, "I was just sitting here afraid that any minute it would come in the house."

The rain eventually receded from her yard, stopping short of major flooding.

But that wasn't the case for a family a few miles down the road.

The water at a house on Decatur Road was so high, a woman and her children were trapped inside.

They had a climb out through a back window because they were afraid the water would start rushing into their home.

Pat Bradley from the Madrid Volunteer Fire Department said, "She called 911, and they activated our tone system for our pagers.  Since I live pretty close, I came out there.  The water was pretty high, and she wanted to get her baby out."

Houston County Emergency Operations Manager Steve Carlisle said, "A lot of water was coming in there and bringing moving debris.  That debris clogged the drain up, and the water has to go somewhere.  So it's going onto people's properties."

Folks who live around the Cottonwood and Madrid areas say this isn't the first time they've had to deal with floods.

Bradley said, "This area is very prone to flooding because of the small pipe that runs under there and takes it off."

Ruby Exum agrees.  She said, "They got two small sewers down below my house, and they need to put some bigger sewers in."

They hope something can be done to fix the problem, so they can weather storms and heavy rains like this, without fear.

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