Parents react to teen party ordinance

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Just ask members of the Carver High School PTSA what they think about teen violence in Montgomery.

"Something needs to be done," says Lisa Mays.

"We have to do what's necessary to protect our children.  They come first," says Andrea Price.

They're not alone.

Mayor Todd Strange says other parents tell him the same thing.

"There is some debate as to what that something is," he says.

Part of that debate lies in the logistics of the ordinance.

"Who are you trying to target to curb the violence?" asks Mays.

That's a question the Mayor and council want to clarify.

"Whether the Looney's of the world, and the Chuckie Cheese's of the world, whether they have to comply or not, and what the real intent of the city council is," adds Strange.

The ordinance requires promoters to have a $50 dollar permit before an event and also have one uniformed security guard for every 50 guests there.

Price says it's a step in the right direction.

"I think it's a way of helping our children and providing the safety that they need."

But after shootings at two teen parties on Christmas night, PTSA President Eris Beasley has one message for her kids and these parties.

"Don't ask me about it. The answer is no."

Still these parents say in the end, it's all up to them.

"Make sure the children are doing what they're supposed to do when they should be doing it," says Lucious Smith.

"Parents have got to do their part," adds Beasley.

Mayor Strange says he'll sign the ordinance once city attorneys review its wording.  It would go into effect shortly after.

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