Montgomery manager now 'The Big Mac'

Store manager Charles Ray is surprised with the Ray Kroc award.
Store manager Charles Ray is surprised with the Ray Kroc award.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Next time you swing past the drive-thru at the Zelda Road McDonalds in Montgomery, know you're dealing with one of the best managers in the company.

Charles Ray manages the restaurant and has done such a great job, the company is showing its appreciation with one of its highest honors.

On Friday Ray was surprised by company officials who were carrying the prestigious Ray Kroc Award. The award, named after the company's founder, has been presented annually since 1999, but it's hard to come by.

Store owner Ron Hay said Ray was one of just five managers in the Atlanta Region's 750 managers to take home the award. Nationwide, more than 7,500 restaurant managers work towards the award, but less than one percent of those seeking the award actually earn it.

"We're just excited for him," said Hay of his employee. Hay says there are several areas a manager has to exceed in before consideration of the award. Maximizing profit, keeping a store clean and well organized and exceptional customer service are just a few.

Hay's wife, Loretta,  says Ray goes the extra mile with customers and even knows most of their names.

Along with the award Ray gets $2,500 and a trip to Chicago, Illinois to dine with company brass. "It's a team award," he said after learning the news.

The trip takes place in February.

Ray, who has been with McDonalds since 2007, hopes to excel in his job and advance in his career.

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