Riley and McGregor at odds on Barber casino gambling

It seems there is a story behind the story of the resignation of anti-gambling commander David Barber.  In his letter to the Governor, Barber admitted winning more than $2,000 at a Mississippi casino.  The news may have never come to light, if a private investigator had not been hired to follow Barber.

The friction between the pro and anti-gambling forces in Alabama is growing more and more tense.  The disputes are over electronic bingo machines and whether they are legal or not.  The disagreements have become so heated, Victoryland's Milton McGregor admits having someone followed.  "They have a lot of people that are tailing, surveying, watching a lot of members of that task force that are sworn police officers," explains Governor Bob Riley.

McGregor has confirmed he hired an investigator to follow Barber into a Mississippi casino.  Barber resigned recently after admitting he won $2,300 while gambling there.  "When it gets to the point that you have individuals out there that are constantly monitoring the activities of law enforcement, that's something everyone in this state needs to begin to think about," says Governor Riley.

McGregor also said he sent word to the Governor about the information he had on Barber and gave the Governor until January 15th to disclose it, or he, McGregor would go public.  Barber's resignation was made public on January 15th, but the Governor says there is no connection.  "It's just absolutely not true and I'm not responsible for what Milton McGregor says or doesn't say," explains Governor Riley.

In the meantime, the Governor is sending out a warning, a warning he wouldn't explain.  "Don't get too close and don't get too close to the families because all of a sudden then everything changes," says Governor Riley.

Governor Riley also says he is against a constitutional amendment to allow state voters to decide on electronic bingo.  He says if it fails, gambling supporters will just keep bringing it up again and again hoping it will pass.