Mayor lays down the law for business licenses

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "There's debts all over this city!" says Mayor Todd Strange.

Make no mistake, the Mayor is cracking down on businesses without proper licenses or no license at all.

"We are serious," he says.

So serious that he hired a contract employee to help in the hunt.

"She's out there finding them. When she finds them, then obviously it comes back to our auditors and they are then following up," says Strange.

So far, the city's visited 100 businesses, amazingly 80% of them didn't have licenses.

And all businesses are on the Mayor's radar.

"We have people come in this community every weekend, set up a back end truck, sell for the weekend, and then they're outa here. But there are provisions for a short-term license. I mean, it's not much. It's like $15 bucks."

Now that they're starting to pay up, it's paying off for the city.

"You're up to about $750,000 dollars which would be new unbudgeted money," adds the Mayor.

City leaders hope that new money mixes nicely with an expected increase in December sales tax revenues.

"If you got a license, then you outa collect the tax, and you outa get the tax. It's very difficult to do that, but we're putting some efforts to do that."

To request a business license, call the City of Montgomery at 334-241-2036.

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