Heavy rains cause headaches for drivers

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Montgomery, AL (WSFA) - Sunday storms packed a punch across the River Region, and heavy rains left behind slick roadways for motorists.

The slippery conditions turned dangerous as the standing water caused some drivers to lose control.

Casey Biles was driving along Interstate 85 near Perry Hill Road during the heavy downpour.

She said, "The wind pushed me backwards, and I spun out of control into the median."

Another driver that was pushed off the road by the wind and rain ended up in a tree on Highways 231 South in Montgomery County.

Earlier Sunday morning, downed trees caused some headaches for drivers on Upper Wetumpka Road near North Hopper Street.

A tree fell across the road and into the yard of Roderick Price.

He said, "I'm just glad that no one was out there when that tree came down because it would have been fatal."

One driver noticed that tree too late.

"We found this big tree limb right in the middle of the road," Larry Montgomery said.  "They heard it fall just about a minute or so before I came through here, and I hit it."

The storms were too much for some drains to handle, overflowing ditches in several areas around the River Region.

City crews worked to clear debris from drainage pipes and ditches to alleviate the flooding.

Police were also busy today, out answering accidents calls.

They also had to move their vehicles from the city lot for fear of flooding.

Last May, quite a few squad cars were stranded underwater.

The cars have been relocated near Paterson Field for the time being.

If you have flooding to report, call the Montgomery County EMA at 241-2339.

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