Shovel Man in Hissop

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Hissop, AL (WSFA) - So what's your plan for retirement?   Maybe some golf, a little fishing, or maybe even travel the country.   All those sound fun, but not for everyone.   For Levi Leonard in the town of Hissop, in Coosa County, he still has some digging to do.   In fact, he plans on doing a lot of digging.   "I've had a passion for digging ever since I retired 11 years ago," Leonard said.

The only place he plans on going is down, down in the dirt.   "I've been living here my whole life.    I wouldn't want to live anywhere else."    It all started more than a decade ago.  He was digging a fish pond when he kept finding huge rocks.    The rocks looked like different animals. So he decided to add some cement, do a little carving, and add some paint.   Now his front yard is filled with his colorful cement creations.    "'The ideas just come into my head, and then comes another one."

There's no telling what you'll find out here.   "This is Ms. Kong and King Kong,"  Leonard said.  "I've got George Washington Carver, the Florida Marlin, and this big foot I call Shaquille Oneal."    And if anyone knows about his rockin' art, it's his granddaughters.   They get to play right in the middle of it every day.   "I think it's pretty awesome because he does it all with his hands," his granddaughter Kemaria said.    "I really like this one, it's a huge pumpkin, and some little ones, and a witch."

He's got it all covered, every season, every animal, just about everything you can thing of.   And if he doesn't have it yet, we can guarantee this, Mr. Levi Leonard is always digging for something new.

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