Creating jobs for Alabamians

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) -  Governor Bob Riley proposes a plan that will help Alabamians get back to work sooner. Riley calls his plan "Jumpstarting Jobs."

Riley is asking Alabama legislators to consider his plan before they invest in the road construction bill that will cost the state one billion dollars to fund.

He says the "Jumpstarting Jobs" plan will get Alabamians employed faster than the road construction bill because that bill has to be a voted constitutional amendment approved by the people, which cannot take place until November.

Riley says the plan comes in two parts:

  1. It will provide a 15- hundred dollar tax credit to companies who hire unemployed workers and a 15-hundred dollar tax credit for every new job created in the 25 counties with the highest unemployment rates.
  2. It will allow small business owners and their employees to deduct 200 percent of the amount they pay for health coverage from their state income taxes.

Governor Riley explained the reason for the bill is due to Alabama's jobless rate reaching 11-percent in December from 10.5 percent in November, which means more than 225-thousand Alabamians are out of work.

Riley will begin promoting the "Jumpstarting Jobs" plan to Huntsville's Chamber of Commerce today.

WSFA 12 News will bring you full coverage of the conference.

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