Busy day ahead for lawmakers

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It is a busy day ahead for Alabama lawmakers.  Here's a preview of what will be making headlines at the State House.

Up against a 14 million dollars budget cut, mental health advocates are making their case for more funds at the State House.

The Alabama Department of Mental Health says it needs more than 386 million dollars to maintain basic services.  Governor Bob Riley's budget proposal allots the department about 372 million dollars.

If their request is not approved, the Alabama Department of Mental Health officials say it could lead to the closure of at least one state psychiatric hospital, and increased waiting lists for people with intellectual disabilities.

Also happening, Governor Riley is expected to veto a resolution blocking the educator code of ethics from becoming law.   The code of ethics include provisions such as educators should not falsify reports and the use of profanity at school.

The Alabama Education Association urged lawmakers to block it, saying it is too vague.

The Alabama Road Builders Association will bring their heavy construction equipment to the State House. The group wants lawmakers to pass a Democratic plan to repair roads and bridges with money from a state savings account.

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