Milton McGregor and Governor's Office Trade Statements On John Tyson

Statement from Milton McGregor:

It is important for Alabamians to know that Bob Riley is committed to blocking them from having the right to vote on the taxation and regulation of electronic bingo.  The people of Alabama deserve this right, but Bob Riley, David Barber and the Mississippi Indian casinos oppose this fundamental right to let the people vote.

Knowing that David Barber took the position as Riley's first commander of the so-called Anti-Gambling Task Force, made negative statements about gambling, and actually went to Indian casinos in Mississippi to gamble, I made the decision to monitor Barber's activities to show my fellow Alabamians the hypocrisy involved in the Riley-Barber scheme.

That monitoring was successful in exposing to the people of Alabama the hypocrisy of Bob Riley and David Barber on this issue.  As a lifelong resident of Alabama, I can assure you that if there is one thing no Alabamian can stand, it's a hypocrite.  When this information came to light Barber had no choice but to resign.

Riley's next choice for commander of the anti-gambling task force scheme is someone just as deeply involved in gambling and just as hypocritical.  Like Barber, John Tyson talked about the evils of gambling and pointed out that he had not gambled in 20 or so years.  What he did not say was that he solicited and accepted substantial contributions from gambling interests including Indian gambling interests when he ran for Attorney General.  Once again, hypocrisy has been exposed.

After his two hand-picked anti-gambling commanders were exposed for their hypocrisy and ties to gambling interests, Bob Riley is attempting to change the subject or confuse the issue by insinuating that some in the legal gaming industry are threatening him.  As a result, I feel it is necessary to make my position clear to the media and the public.  I am not in the business of monitoring people.  However, due to the disgusting hypocrisy of Riley and Barber on this issue I wanted to confirm what I knew to be the truth: David Barber was saying one thing when it came to gambling and doing the opposite.  I, nor anyone else I know in the legal gaming business in Alabama, is involved in monitoring the governor.  To suggest in any way that Governor Riley needs added security due to "threats" from the gaming industry in Alabama is an effort to divert attention away from the fact that his connection to the Mississippi Indian casinos has been exposed and his credibility on this issue has been destroyed.

As I said at the beginning of this statement, the people of Alabama deserve the right to vote up or down on the issue of electronic bingo that is taxed and regulated.  We legally have electronic bingo at four non-Indian locations and three Indian locations in Alabama.  I call on the governor to end the hypocrisy, stop trying to use smokescreens to divert the public from the real issue, and support letting the people vote.


"Let me get this straight: Milton McGregor is upset that John Tyson got money from a PAC that Milton McGregor contributed to? The absurdity of their argument knows no bounds."

Todd C. Stacy
Press Secretary