Impact By Little League Football Still Being Felt

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The season ended weeks ago for the East Montgomery Seminoles, losing in the championship game, ending the season with a 6 and 2 record.

But it's not the end in the game of life for Tioni Littlejohn and John Paul Angell.

"I now look up to him. He's a father figure to me," said Littlejohn.

"He's taught me a lot about life," said Angell.

Two players who played for coach Chuck Head and they know him well.

By his own admission Littlejohn had an attitude, thought more about himself but then the coach got a hold of him, changed his life and perspective. It's something a mighty grateful Littlejohn will always remember.

"He showed me someone cares about me and he wants me to do something with my life," said Littlejohn.

Coach Head also made a difference in the life of Angell. Much like Littlejohn, a star player on both sides of the ball.

There's more to coach Head than barking out lessons on the value of hard work on the practice field. This is a man who literally used his own money, well over $1,000 so far to pay for the kids' registration fees and buy things like shoulder pads and helmets for the players. Littlejohn was among them. The reason? Some of the players simply couldn't afford the costs.

"This is their Super Bowl. This is their national championship game. Some of the kids have never been around other children and understand teamwork. This should help them later in life in whatever they do," said Head.

It's a classic case of paying it forward. As a youngster, Chuck Head saw what his own dad did when he coached and never forgot it. Coach Danny Head died recently on the same day the Seminoles had a game.

"I remember when I was a kid, a player came to practice bare feet. The next day he had the cleanest cleats I ever saw," Head said recalling what his dad had done.

In the game of hard knocks, two players find themselves better people, all because of one man who added a little more to the game of Xs and Os; Character.

"He taught that sometimes you got to do what you don't want to do and be responsible," said Angell.

Back to Danny Head's death the coach says the very day his dad died, the Seminoles won their game that nigh by the score of 12 to 6.

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