Prattville Businessman Makes A Difference For Earthquake Victims In Haiti

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Jose Perez runs a Mexican restaurant in Prattville but for a few days after the earthquake in Haiti, Perez forgot about tacos and enchiladas and became a man with a mission.

A man who sounded the call for food and water. First, it was a trickle and then a flood of people bringing box after box, all stacked up in a vacant building next door to Perez's restaurant.

"I'm very surprised. Black, white, Chinese, everybody came to help," said Perez.

What was it about the earthquake that struck a chord with Jose Perez. It turns out Perez has family and friends in neighboring Dominican Republic and something else.

"I was born poor," he said.

Born poor but now owns two restaurants in the River Region. You could say Jose Perez 'made it' but never forgot the struggles earlier in life, all the more reason to help the very people living in what is said to be the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

"I wish I could do more. I wish I had a plane and could just fly down to Haiti," said Perez.

If you ask J.T. and Leanne from Mix 103 FM in Montgomery who helped publicize Jose's call, they will tell you Jose Perez has done enough and so much more.

"He always serves the community. When the tornado hit Prattville, he was among the first ones out volunteering," said Leanne Thompson.

"A lot of times if you have a positive attitude you can move a lot of things," said Perez.

And move he did. People brought so much stuff that not one but three 18-wheelers were needed to haul everything down to Miami which will eventually be shipped to Haiti.

From Prattville to Haiti, Jose Perez.. making a difference from his corner of the world.

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