Congressman Bobby Bright reacts to President Obama's state of the union address

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) –  In his first state of union address President Barack Obama urged congress to continue to work together, stressing his administrations understanding of the challenges of the nation's biggest problems.

Something Congressman Bobby Bright was pleased to hear.

"What he said last night I liked but know we got to make something happen and he's got to make something happen," said Bright.

Bright say's fiscal responsibility is often forgotten in Washington adding he wants to see more done about spending.

"Your average family throughout the country can tighten their buckle then the federal government sure needs to do that too," adds Bright.

And for those unemployed bright said he was glad to hear Obama support small business as a way to create jobs.

"Well I heard him say he was going to invest 30 billion dollars into the small businesses out there and try to help them along out of this recession I am all for that and we need to march forward as soon as possible and as quickly as possible," says Bright.

Bright says in the coming months, he hopes congress can focus in on what the people of this country want.

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