Viewers react to Victoryland, Country Crossing raids

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - On Friday afternoon in downtown Montgomery WSFA 12 News had no trouble finding people willing to speak their mind on the attempts to raid Victoryland and Country Crossing.

"I couldn't imagine what his motives are right now," said Sabrina McKinney of Autaugaville.

"People are going to gamble anyway. They'll go to Mississippi. Why not keep it here?" said JoAnn Bentson of Prattville.

Another perspective from Melinda McGarry. "I do wonder why it's been a major issue right now."

"Why start it now instead of 7 years ago," Bentson added, more than 7 years ago when Governor Riley first took office.

"I think it's a little dramatic and I think there's more that meets the eye," said Rob Anderson, questioning Mr. Riley's motives.

From the streets to email there was no shortage of viewpoints. One emailer wrote: 'If someone is stupid enough to throw their money away... that's their decision, not the government's.'

Another piped in. "What's going on? If people want to gamble you will not stop them. They will just take their money to another state that surrounds us.'

And finally this one. "You can't dictate what people do with their own money. It's special interests Riley's involved in.'

Bertha Harris for one doesn't have any particular feelings on the issue of gambling itself, but she shares the sentiments expressed on the streets to the written word. "To me he (Governor Riley) is just picking at them and I think he's taking it too far," said Mrs. Harris.

This is was by far the top story all day. Thousands of WSFA's viewers rushed to WSFA.COM  to read about the attempted raids. The story has generated more than 40,000 viewers and more than 500 comments. The numbers continue to grow.

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