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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) -  Tax season is upon us and many of you are probably counting down the days until that check shows up in the mail.

Before you can get that check, the first step is having to file your return and tax specialists say there's a heavy rush to file now.

Filing those taxes can often be a difficult and cumbersome task, especially if you don't have someone to help you.

Thanks to the Montgomery 'Weed and Seed' program and a grant from the IRS, There's a service in town that gives that help for free.

THE IRS sponsors what's called volunteer income tax assistance centers. It's a place for people who fall within a certain income bracket to get free help with preparing and filing their taxes.

And for the past three years, the center has partnered with the University of Alabama and an organization called 'Project Impact' to bring in certified college students to help with the tax filing.

City leaders say they're glad this opportunity is available for residents.

"This is something that's completely self-sufficient. It's completely being done by the community center. And Project Impact is providing all the resources for it. We just try to get out the word and be supportive. And we express great appreciation for providing this service to the community," says Montgomery Grant Coordinator Clare Watson.

The Montgomery branch is located at the Jubilee Community Center.

Not everyone can take advantage of the service. It only applies to two types of households.

If you have one or more children and earn less than 49 thousand dollars you can get the help.

Also, if you have no children and make less than 20 thousand dollars, you're eligible.

Leaders recommend scheduling an appointment, but say they'll still help you if you don't have one. You just might have to wait a little longer.

To schedule an appointment call 1-888-998-2925. The service runs through February 28th.

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