Experts estimate Friday raids could have cost $130,000

Posted by: Melissa Johnson - bio | email

Montgomery, AL (WSFA) - One estimate is in for those attempted raids at two bingo facilities in Alabama.

Governor Riley and his Gambling Task Force sent more than 200 state troopers to those locations early Friday morning.

It's raising questions about whether the massive operation was worth the time and cost.

Law enforcement experts estimate the operation could have cost the state as much as $130,000.

After those troopers mobilized outside Victoryland and Country Crossing, they waited for hours before the raids were eventually called off.

Normally, only eight troopers would be on duty at that hour.

The $130,000 tab comes at a time the state is facing budget cut after budget cut.

And the Task Force sent those troopers despite legal obstacles that blocked their entry.

Governor Riley's Communications Director Jeff Emerson responded to those questions, saying the troopers were "doing their job to enforce the law".

The bingo battle will resume on Monday when the supreme court will receive arguments on the raid at Victoryland.

A Conecuh County judge said it would also be Monday before he reviews the request for a search warrant to raid Country Crossing.

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