Iraqi Leaders Probably in Bombed Compound

U.S. Intelligence sources believe Saddam Hussein and other leading Iraqi leaders may have been inside the compound targeted by the U.S. cruise missile attacks.

Unidentified sources report medical attention was summoned to the compound after cruise missiles and a bunker-busting bomb struck the area. There is no confirmed evidence yet that Saddam or his sons were wounded or killed.

Officials say it appears Iraq's military structure is in disarray and that no one appears to have been in overall command of Iraqi military operation since the strike. U.S. Officials say if Saddam has not been killed or wounded maybe the attack has weakened his trust in his inner circle.

Following a briefing for members of the U.S. House of Representatives Thursday night, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld says the U.S. is talking with Iraqis about the possibility of surrender or a coup against Saddam Hussein.

Contact has been made with the Iraqi Republican Guard and Rumsfeld says every means of communication has been used to try to convince Iraqi forces to pack it in. "There are communications in every conceivable mode and method, public and private, to the Iraqi forces, that they can act with honor and turn over their weapons and walk away from them and they will not be hurt. And anyone - conversely, anyone that engages in the use of weapons of mass destruction or supports that destruction will wish they had not."