Tyson issues statement after fed. ruling

Full statement: John Tyson, Commander of the Task Force on Illegal Gambling

"Today's ruling by the federal court is a victory for the rule of law.  The gambling bosses who run Country Crossing undertook this desperate effort to stop the enforcement of Alabama's gambling laws, and it failed.  If Country Crossing is reopened, then law enforcement officials intend immediately to arrest anyone seen engaging in criminal activity on the premises and to seize any illegal machines.  This is what law enforcement officials do every day in enforcing Alabama law, and the gambling bosses are going to be treated just like everyone else.  No one is above the law.

"The federal court's order makes reference to a civil court action that Country Crossing can file to review the legality of its machines.  Country Crossing should have done that prior to opening its facility.  The two recent decisions by the Alabama Supreme Court have spelled out the requirements for legal bingo, and the slot machines at Country Crossing do not come close to meeting those requirements.   If Country Crossing wants to seek a court ruling now on the legality of the machines, then its facility should remain closed until such a court proceeding is fully and finally concluded.   The Task Force will not stand by and allow criminal activity to proceed with impunity."