Editorial: Pro-choice

Tim Tebow is among the greatest college football players ever and by all accounts is an even better citizen than football player.

His mom, Pam, spoke in Montgomery last year about her and Tim's beginnings, and she will share that story worldwide Sunday in a Super Bowl commercial.

Women's groups have vehemently protested the airing of that ad, pleading for it to be rejected.

Their concerns?

Tebow's mom will talk about her choice to carry her son to full term in her pregnancy rather than abort him as advised by her doctors when she contracted an illness brought on by contaminated drinking water while she was doing missionary work in the Philippines.

Doctors told her that medications used to treat her illness caused the fetus to be irreversibly damaged.

She declined their advice, citing her Christian faith, and ended up delivering a healthy son.

Her actions took courage and were her choice.

Pro-choice advocates demand a woman's right to choose.

Pam Tebow made a choice she believed in.

We all should all celebrate her choice.