"Phones for Haiti" collection underway

MONTGOMERY, AL - Montgomery Clean City Commission will participate in ReCellular's Phones for Haiti national cell phone recycling drive to eliminate e-waste in landfills while supporting victims of the January 12th earthquake in Haiti.  MCCC will partner with two of the local General Nutrition Center stores throughout the month of February in this cell phone recycling program.

There are two ways that you can join in this massive effort: One simple way to participate is to take your old cell phone to the GNC on Vaughn Road in the Sturbridge Shopping Center or the one located on Carter Hill Road in the Country Club Shopping Center.  There will be collection boxes set up at both of these locations until the end of February.  At that time, the boxes will be shipped directly to ReCellular.  Also, used cell phones can be sent directly to ReCellular via a prepaid mailing label, with 100% of the phone value going to the American Red Cross charitable efforts. All phones are accepted, though newer phones will provide the most value to the charity – in some cases $100 or more.  To print a shipping label, please visit www.phonesforhaiti.com.

The devastation in Haiti is slowly becoming all too clear," says Steve Manning, ReCellular CEO. "Sending in your used phone is a simple and effective way to help with the rescue and rebuilding efforts already underway."  According to ReCellular, even if a small percentage of these phones were sent to Phones for Haiti, it would contribute millions of dollars towards relief from the devastating earthquake.

To be clear, your old phone will not be sent to Haiti and donated to victims and emergency workers. It will be refurbished by ReCellular and then resold in developing countries as a low-cost alternative to a new phone. The full value of each donated phone (chargers and batteries are accepted, too) is passed directly along to the American Red Cross, a crucial force on the ground in Haiti.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Montgomery Clean City Commission