Quilt tells story at State Capital

MONTGOMERY AL, (WSFA)- A Quilt can tell a story. Each square represents one piece to a bigger story, to pass on history to person to person.

Artist Julie Feingold passes on the story of American soldiers through her art work "The Lost Heroes Art Quilt," a gift to the nation honoring America's fallen heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan. The 5.5 foot by 15 foot quilt is on exhibit in the Old Supreme Court Chamber of the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery staring on Wednesday through February 6. The Quilt is a tribute to honor and remember those who have sacrificed their life for their country, while educating those who view the quilt.

The patchwork is a collection of squares displaying 82 heroes reflecting the diversity of America. 50 of the soldiers are in the center of the Quilt and represent each sate in the U.S., and 32 around the border. A childhood photograph and a few sentimental words describing each hero's personality, interest, dreams and hopes appear around each square on the Quilt.

Alabamians honored on the quilt are Army Spec. Andrew Chris of Huntsville, who was fatally wounded in Iraq on June 25, 2003, and Army Chief Warrant Officer Keith Yoakum of Coffee Springs, who was killed when his helicopter was shot down in Iraq on Feb. 2, 2007.

"I want to thank Julie Feingold for having the vision, dedication and perseverance to create a work-of-art that honors our fallen heroes," said Marsh. "Her effort to create this tribute reflects the compassionate spirit of our nation."

Since the national exhibit tour began on Sept. 27, 2009, this is the first time "The Lost Heroes Art Quilt" has been displayed at a state capitol.

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