Abbeville: No body found on day two of excavation

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Abbeville, AL (WSFA) – Wednesday, crews in Abbeville finished a second day of excavating the possible grave of a murder victim.

Victor Sanchez was killed at Robert's Trailer Park back in March 2009, and his body was never found.

His brother-in-law, wife, and mother-in-law are charged with his murder.

Police say his brother-in-law told them where to look for the body in hopes of striking a deal with prosecutors.

A trial, that was supposed to start this week, is now on hold.

Sergeant Tim Ingram, an investigator for the Abbeville Police Department, said, "We're hopeful that we'll find a body here."

Ingram has been with the case from the beginning, and after nearly a year of searching, he finally got a break—a tip leading them to a sod farm ten miles east of Abbeville.

Ingram said, "We got a confession out of one of the suspects, and he pointed out a spot here where the body is possibly buried."

After no luck on day one of the search, investigators hoped cadaver dogs and sonar equipment would help them better zone in on exactly where the body was.

But even with the dogs and sonar, authorities unearthed only dirt.

Investigators are preparing to go forward without a body; his wife, Jessica Lynn Wilson, will be tried first.

Lt. Clyde Hornsby, Chief Investigator for Henry County, said, "It would be easier if we had more evidence, but we have enough right now to feel confident about a conviction."

"You always have your doubts," Ingram said, "but you have to follow every lead."

So for now, they'll continue the search—hoping one more dig will turn up more evidence.

The Houston County Sheriff's Office and District Attorney's office are also assisting in the investigation.

Anyone with information about this case should call the Abbeville Police Department.

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