Christian Coalition on Bingo Battle & Governor's Response

The Alabama Christian Coalition weighed in on the gambling issue Wednesday during a press briefing.  The group's chairman released a recent poll on the issue.  Coalition Chairman, Dr. Randy Brinson says he and his organization are still strongly opposed to gambling, but he urged both sides in the issue to resolve their differences.

Dr. Brinson says the poll shows overwhelming opposition to the Governor's "intense focus" on the issue and the tactics used by this task force.  He also says those polled support legislation that would allow a vote on the issue.

Dr. Brinson says the survey shows an overwhelmingly majority of Alabamians want the opportunity to vote on the issue and would be much less likely to vote to re-elect a legislator who opposed providing them that opportunity.

The poll was of 400 randomly selected registered voters and was conducted Monday by a San Diego research company.

In response to that poll, the Governor's Office accused Christian Coalition Chairman Randy Brinson of being "one of the biggest supporters of illegal gambling in Alabama."  The Governor's statement went on to say: "Any poll it claims to have done on the issue of gambling is very suspect since recent financial disclosure reports show Randy Brinson's Christian Coalition has taken thousands of dollars from a PAC funded by gambling interests, including Milton McGregor and Ronnie Gilley."