Redland Elementary Teacher a Class Act

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Wetumpka , AL (WSFA) - You can just feel the excitement in her classroom.   When she asks a question hands pop up quicker than a bag of microwave popcorn.   Ms. Holly O'Dell teaches 4th grade at Redland Elementary School in Wetumpka, and she's this week's Class Act.     "It's wonderful,"  O'Dell said of Redland Elementary School.   "I enjoy coming to work everyday and the teachers here are wonderful."

Ms. O'Dell has been in the classroom for 8 years.    She says she has a great connection with her students.    "We spend so much time together, it's like I'm their mom, their nurse, and their counselor when they're here.   I try to be considerate and think about their feelings.  I don't ever want them to be afraid to think outside the box."

She has them thinking, learning and have a great time everyday at school.  Congratulations Ms. Holly O'Dell, you're a real Class Act.

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