Houston Co. Commission responds to question-dodging claims

Country Crossing in Dothan remains shutdown during a heated bingo battle.
Country Crossing in Dothan remains shutdown during a heated bingo battle.

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DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) – The Houston County Commission responded to claims Thursday that they're dodging questions from the group Concerned Wiregrass Citizens.

The group is criticizing the commission for not responding to a list of questions by the group's February 1st deadline.

"The questions we ask are very revealing, penetrating and I think they really don't want to answer some things," says group spokesperson, Tom Anderson.

The group claims Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley and members of the commission are hiding details of who's profiting from the facility.

"They want to put the best face they can on it, they don't want folks to ask the hard questions," adds Anderson.

"I suggest Mr. Anderson talk to the other gentlemen that signed the letter and he'll find that I've been in constant communication with them over the last week," said Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver, when asked for his response to the claims.

Culver says on several different occasions he's spoken with members of the group and he says he plans to speak with them again Thursday.

"We haven't hidden anything. We have nothing to hide, none of us are owners of Country Crossing," says Culver.

Culver says the other accusations are false, adding their whole reason for involvement in the project was for the creation of jobs.

Culver also added that anything regarding Country Crossing was voted on in the county commission meetings where everything is open for public inspection.

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