Victoryland responds to Supreme Court ruling

Posted by: John Shryock - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Victoryland is responding to news of the Alabama State Supreme Court's decision to lift a lower court's restraining order on the Macon County gaming facility.

The center issued the following statement through its attorney, Peter J. Tepley:

"The court ruling today merely addresses a temporary restraining order issued by a local judge last week.  The ruling does not in any way address the legality of electronic bingo in Alabama.

"Victoryland remains closed and anyone coming onto the property without a search warrant will be considered a trespasser. This is fair warning to John Tyson that entering private property without a search warrant is illegal.

"An overwhelming number of Alabamians are opposed to this sort of illegal entry of private property by the government.

"One thing the people of Alabama understand is that at a time when protecting and creating jobs is the most important issue for Alabama families, Gov. Bob Riley and John Tyson's attempted raid today is about pursuing their political vendettas with taxpayer dollars.

Worse, their efforts not only waste hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars but they also put more than 1600 Alabamians out of a job here at Victoryland and affect every school child who relies on the public school system, every senior citizen who depends on healthcare services provided by the state and every homeowner who relies on local public services --- not only in Macon County but throughout the entire state."

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