Victoryland employees uncertain about the future - Montgomery Alabama news.

Victoryland employees uncertain about the future

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Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

TUSKEGEE, AL (WSFA) - For Chaundrea Reynolds and her family, the future is unclear.

"Just trying to take one day at a time," says Reynolds.

But one thing isn't.

"I'm a single parent. I have four kids to take care of, bills need to be paid."

Reynolds was asked to leave her job at Victoryland Thursday when owners closed the entire facility.

"We just seen the customers racing out of there. And ya know, the officers were coming in, and we was asking what was the problem," she adds.

It's a scary experience she says is taking a toll on the finances and the family.

Her sister is in the same boat.

"I'm a single parent as well," says Pamela Piner.

After four years at Victoryland, she's back to square one.

"Right now I'm just sitting at home, bored, missing work because I love to work," she says.

It's a situation she and many others face as Victoryland remains closed and jobs hang in the balance.

"I just pray about it, go to sleep at night, get up, hoping something comes out better that next day," says Reynolds.

When asked how they'll make ends meet?

"That's a good question.  That's a good question," says Reynolds.

As these two hunt and hope for new jobs, a paycheck isn't the only thing they want.

"We just want answers. Let us know something, don't leave us hanging," says Piner.

"We need some explanation.  Somebody needs to tell us something. They owe it to us," adds Reynolds.

The Governor's office issued a statement on the situation saying in part:

"It's very unfortunate that anyone is out of work, but if these casinos were legal, they'd be open today. Governor Riley understands Victoryland employees are frustrated about their jobs, but they need to understand it is Milton McGregor who put them in this unfortunate position by breaking the law."

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