Victoryland employees hope paycheck isn't their last

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TUSKEGEE, AL (WSFA) - Milton McGregor announces tonight he plans to re-open Victoryland.

This comes after the Alabama Supreme Court lifted a restraining order allowing the Governor's task force to raid the facility.

The question that's still up in the air is when he will open the doors again.

Right now employees are left without jobs and only a little money to make ends meet.  They say they just want to make sure there's money to pay the bills.

Hundreds flocked to the Macon County Courthouse Saturday to pick up what could be their last Victoryland least for a while.

The courthouse opened at 8am and shortly after a line started forming.

Employees climbed the stairs and were let in one by one to pick up their paychecks.

Many say they're frustrated with the situation and the Governor.

Owner Milton McGregor stopped by reassuring employees Victoryland will open again soon.

But right now, most of the workers are just trying to figure out what to do next and how to survive without any income.

"The way that the economy hit us, we depend on paycheck to paycheck. We cannot pay our bills without it. This is very detrimental to our income and our survival," says Victoryland employee Charlie McDill.

Asked when he thinks the facility will re-open, McGregor says he's working with Victoryland attorneys and says they aren't giving a timetable.

The Governor's office released a statement about the job loss saying:

"It's very unfortunate that anyone is out of work, but if these casinos were legal, they'd be open today. Governor Riley understands Victoryland employees are frustrated about their jobs, but they need to understand it is Milton McGregor who put them in this unfortunate position by breaking the law."

Victoryland attorneys replied with quote:

"The 5,000 people who have lost their job in the past week because of Governor Riley's political agenda want to work and provide for their families. To the Governor this is a political issue, but to these families it is the difference between being able to pay rent, buy groceries, pay doctor bills and provide the other basics needed for their family to survive."

Macon County leaders are planning a meeting Monday to discuss Victoryland's future.

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