Houston County Commission to vote on county bingo rules

Posted by: Melissa Johnson - bio | email

Dothan, AL (WSFA) - The bingo battle heats up in Houston County again this week.

Monday, the Houston County Commission will be asked to slightly amend the Rules and Regulations for the Operation of Charitable Bingo in Houston County in order to remain current with the law as it is being rewritten and enacted by the Supreme Court on a case by case basis. 

The only change will be in Section 1(a) defining Bingo to comply with the Cornerstone and St. Clair County Opinions.  The new language will state: 

"Bingo" or "Bingo Games" shall mean the game commonly or traditionally known as bingo.  The characteristics of that game include the following: (1) each players uses one or more cards with spaces arranged in five columns and five rows, with an alphanumeric or similar designation assigned to each space; (2) alphanumeric or similar designations are randomly drawn and announced on by one; (3) in order to play, each player must pay attention to the values announced; if one of the value's matches a value on one or more of the player's cards, the player must physically act by marking his or her card accordingly; (4) a player can fail to pay proper attention or to properly mark his or her card, and thereby miss an opportunity to be declared the winner; (5) a player must recognize that his or her card has a "bingo," i.e., a predetermined pattern of matching values, and in turn announce to the players and the announcer that this is the case before any other player does so; and (6) the game of bingo contemplates a group activity in which multiple players compete against each other to be the first to properly mark a card with the predetermined winning pattern and announce that fact.
County Attorney Gary Sherrer will bring this up under his report and ask for and recommend approval.  It will take unanimous consent to consider.
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