Muscle Car Museum

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Alex City, AL (WSFA) - It's a combination of heavy muscle and a super shine.  Power and pink.   Fast and Fancy.  When it comes to muscle cars, you ain't seen nothing yet, unless you've been to the new Muscle Car Museum in Alex City.

"When you come into the museum we want you to fell like you walked into a dealership in the 1970's," said muscle car collector and museum owner Tim Wellborn.   The cars are some of the fastest and flashiest rides you've ever seen.  It's quite a collection.   "They are from a period of time of 1969, 1970, and 1971, which was the pinnacle of muscle cars.   That's when manufacturers like Ford, Chevy, and Dodge put out the biggest engines, wild paint schemes, on the street it was an all out war."

This is a $6 million dollar collection of high powered hemis.   It all started with his dad's green Dodge Charger when he was a kid.    "The reason it's still here, and the reason I'm still here is because  he wouldn't even think about giving the keys to me at 16 years old."    Now he has the keys to his dad's old Charger and a whole lot more.    Each of the cars have their own story and  unique history.     "This is a 1971 Hemi-Cuda.   They only built 109 of these.    This car is the crème de le crème of muscle cars."

Along with the rare rides, Wellborn has his own parts shop, and all the sale signs that came on these cars in the early 70's.   And the museum is always changing.  He swaps out cars in his own collection and with other collectors so this speedway will look different every time you come.

The Wellborn Muscle Car Museum is off Broad St. in downtown Alex City.   It's open Monday through Friday from 9-5 and on Saturday from 10-4.

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