Special Report: Finding love on your laptop

Rick and Jane Martin have been married for two years. They met online.
Rick and Jane Martin have been married for two years. They met online.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - These days we use our computers for a lot of things, from bills, to shopping, and even reading the news. Now, more and more people are searching for their husband or wife online. Millions of people sign up every year and post their profile on sites like www.eharmony.com and www.match.com. Not everyone using the internet is looking for 'mister right'. Some are in the market for 'mister right now', or just new friends in a new place.

Marnie Jackson met her husband on the internet. She says, "You can kind of safeguard yourself by putting yourself out there with walls. And as you meet the people you want to let into those walls then you can try to open up. But I think it's a good way to protect yourself too." Marnie had been married once before, so she knew what wouldn't work for her. Her friends and family actually encouraged her to use the internet to meet people. Marnie's open mind helped, and so did doing her homework. She says, "As much as you would profile someone in the bar face to face or even in a church group or any kind of dating situation, you should be just as aware online." After a few fiascos, Marnie found someone, a man she would have never met without the worldwide web.

It was a similar situation for Rick and Jane Martin. They have been married for two years now. They used the same dating sites, but for different reasons. Jane says, "I grew up in the area and everyone I had known so there really wasn't anyone that I'd met that I wanted to go out with. Her husband Rick was looking for a different reason. He says, "I'm from out of state so I didn't really know that many people in the area so it was really advantageous for me to have that service available to use." The couple admits there are pitfalls and pranksters on those online dating sites, but if you're careful, its possible to find love on your laptop. Rick says, "Have an open mind. Be reserved about what you put on there. But, be optimistic that you may find the special one you're trying to find."

The couple both tried several sites and went on many dates before finding each other.  Both now say even with all the meetings and wrong matches, waiting and rejection, it was all worth it. Jane says, "I'm a very optimistic person so I thought I'd meet someone. Now whether I was gonna meet the person I would eventually marry and spend the rest of my life with, I'm not sure if that really crossed my mind. But I was sure that I would meet some people to date and sometimes it's about having the experience to know what you really want."

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