Houston County amends their bingo regulations

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) – The Houston County Commission adjusted their rules and regulations for electronic bingo Monday.

With court rulings regarding electronic bingo being handed down almost every week; the county commission made adjustments to stay current with the newest laws.

"Since the Alabama Supreme Court was writing definitions as they went along in these rulings that we go ahead and incorporate the definition that they've put forth if you will," says Mark Culver, Chairman of the Houston County Commission.

The county unanimously approved the new language for their regulations.

The rewording that was added will comply with the Cornerstone and St. Clair county opinions from the Supreme Court.

"These new ones have the six points as established by the supreme court in the Cornerstone ruling, verbatim pretty much as the ruling was," adds Culver.

Language was also added to comply with any possible future rulings or laws from the state.

"If the legislature changes then we won't have to come back and make amendments again, over and over, but we want to comply with what the Supreme Court says and we have done that," says Culver.

County leaders say they believe this will also strengthen their rules.

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