Radney Elementary Teacher a Class Act

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Spend about one minute in Ms. Lisa Dark's class and you can tell she does things a little differently.    After spending 15 years in the textile industry, she was ready for a career change.  So Dark got her masters in education and is now teaching at Radney Elementary School in Alex City.    "I'm glad I did it," Dark said.   "I wish I did it years ago."

She's very creative in the classroom, and she knows that every student learns differently.   Her goal is to build relationships with each one of them.    "If you don't make learning fun, you could lose them. The most rewarding part to me is when they're struggling to get something and then they finally understand it."

This is more than just a building for Ms. Dark, she sat in these classrooms when she was a little girl.   "I think its special that I can teach at the school I attended."

Congratulations Ms. Lisa Dark from Radney Elementary School in Alex City you're a real Class Act.

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