Thompson submits goals for MPS

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Tuesday, superintendent Barbara Thompson laid out recommendations to shore up spending while still moving forward.

Consolidation is the name of the game.  Thompson says she wants to cut the amount of non-school buildings.  The plan suggests moving offices, for example, to places like the soon to be shut down Bellingrath Junior High.

"We're not buying new buildings.  We're looking at maybe closing some buildings that have one program in them or two, but we're still paying utilities.  We can't afford to do that," she said.

Thompson also suggests preservation, keeping schools like Hayneville Road and Pintlala Elementary Schools open for another year

In Pintlala's case, that means spending anywhere from $500,000 to $800,000 on renovations--and moving students out of portable classrooms.

"They need to be in a safe environment..we worry about them when there's a tornado or bad weather, and they need a school," said board member Mary Briers, who represents that part of the system.

A restored Pintlala would only be temporary, if Thompson has her way.

The superintendent wants to consolidate students into one K-12 school in South Montgomery County, while at the same time building a high school in east Montgomery.

"You're probably saying, 'Well, why is she talking about this with proration?' We're also talking about closing some schools and making some savings there.  And maybe creating one new school as opposed to three or four we could consolidate," Thompson said.

It all comes down to funding.  Board members are hopeful they'll find the money.

"I'm prayerful, and I feel that we were able to dodge the bullet last time, we'll be able to dodge it again," Briers said.

Thompson tells WSFA 12 News outside funding is especially important, calling on the city and the county for help.

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