Unclaimed Property

More than a million people in Alabama have cash coming to them but haven't claimed it. The list includes five Alabama governors and state Attorney General Bill Pryor. The money is being held by State Treasurer Kay Ivey. Since 1996, the state treasurer's office has maintained unclaimed property for the state.

When an Alabama bank can't locate people who quit paying rent on their safe deposit boxes, the bank turns the property over to the state. Money is also forwarded to the state when a company can't locate someone due a dividend in Alabama. Also when someone in Alabama cancels their utility service and is due a refund on their deposit, the utility sends the money to the state treasurer's office if the customer can't be located.

State Treasurer Kay Ivey says her staff tries to contact people by phone or mail. But if there's no response, her staff posts the person's name and last known address on its Web site. If people find their names on the list, they can contact the state treasurer's office to get their property or money. The number is 888-844-8400.

The state treasurer's list includes one-point-nine million entries reflecting 143 million dollars in unclaimed funds.

You can find out if you are owed money by logging on to www.treasury.state.al.us.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.