Houston County sees first sales tax increase in 11 months

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) – In a sign the economy may be turning around for Houston County, officials say sales tax revenues were up for the first in almost a year.

"Even though it was a very small increase it is the first increase year to year that we've had in eleven months," says Mark Culver, Chairman of the Houston County Commission.

The figures reflect spending from December 2009.

County leaders say they recognize the month includes factors like Christmas shopping but add they hope it's also a positive sign from consumers.

"This recovery has to be driven by consumers willing to get out and feel comfortable about spending money, and I hope that what this is a sign that consumer confidence is coming back," says Culver.

County leaders are also hoping that returning confidence means the end of this economic downturn.

"I hope we see continued increases over the next few months even with a small amount right at one percent that's much better than some huge decrease we've had over the last few months," adds Culver.

Officials say when they receive January's report; a trend supporting that steady growth will be present.

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