Montgomery Leaders Compare Hyundai Growing Pains to BMW in South Carolina

If Montgomery is like other small southern towns, it may experience some growing pains once Hyundai opens here in 2005. To help the city through any of those bumps in the road, about two dozen community, political and business leaders went to the Spartanburg and Greenville areas in South Carolina to see what impact the new BMW plant has had there.

Randy Cardoza at the Chamber of Commerce says, "their Welcome Center there and the museum and the plant tours, there were bus loads of people constantly walking through while we were there and most of them will eat lunch, eat breakfast, eat dinner, spend the night do something that's pumping money into the community that wasn't there before. So, there are little things that just sort of hit you that maybe you knew it but you hadn't dwelled on it, hadn't focued on it."

Among some of those on that trip were Mayor Bobby Bright and County Commission Chairman Bill Joseph.