Dothan sales tax increase in December

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) – A good sign of the times for the city of Dothan.

Dothan city leaders say their sales tax figures from December show an increase which they're calling an encouraging sign.

The figures reflect spending from December 2009.

City leaders say they collected over $30,000 more than they did in 2008, this after falling well short in previous month of November.

"Two out of the last three months which is October November December, so October and December collections we were only down about seven thousand dollars in October and up 32 thousand in December," says Dothan City Manager Mike West.

City officials say they recognize the month includes Christmas shopping but add they hope it's also a positive sign from consumers that they're spending again.

"If we could stabilize were we were in the previous years than maybe it's a sign that the economy is improving and people are getting some an incentive or aren't as scared as they were with the condition of the economy," says West.

West says he's remaining cautious but also hoping that returning confidence means the possibility of a trend of more sales.

"It doesn't mean the recession is over or we're out of the woods by no means but what we can hope that that is a sign of things to come," says West.

So far the city is about half a million dollars under what they budgeted to collect this fiscal year.

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