Hundreds Of Iraqi Deaths Announced By The Military

A top American commander is reporting hundreds of enemy deaths. He says about 500 Iraqis have been killed in the last two days by the Third Infantry Division's tanks and mechanized units as they sweep through southern Iraq.

The number comes from Sergeant Major Kenneth Preston of V Corps, which oversees the Third infantry. Preston says U.S.forces have run into "a lot" of Iraqi tanks and anti-aircraft weaponry -- as well as "thousands and thousands" of weapons around one city. He says it "could have been very ugly." but he says the regular Iraqi army recruits seem to have low morale, and just want to go home. He says family members have been seen picking up dead soldiers and taking them home to bury them.

U.S. troops are stopping civilian vehicles to interrogate people. Asked about his division's plans, he replied, "Baghdad. That's where we're going, one step at a time."