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Guest Editorial: When will it stop?

How many times and how many ways can we say ... parents and young people, we absolutely must do a better job of respecting ourselves, our fellow man, and our communities.

Just last week in north Alabama another senseless killing of one 14 year old by another 14 year old.

 We can come up with all kinds of reasons for the lack of concern of a life lost, but can you come up with a reason as to why two families will each have to live without a child ... one family has to bury their child and never get to hear his voice again or see his smiling face, and the other has to endure having their son incarcerated, perhaps for the remainder of his natural life.

How do we get the message through to parents that our children grow up mirroring our behaviors?

 One thing I do know is that "the job of parenting is often times a thankless job" . . . But the greatest reward for any parent is to see your children grow up to become responsible adults.

Barbara Pugh Mays

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