Officials have one message for drivers as snow melts

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Law enforcement officials had their hands full Friday night. It's estimated there were nearly 50 car accidents in Montgomery County.

EMA directors say they saw most of the accidents on I-85 and I-65. Sand trucks were out taking care of problem areas.

Warmer temperatures made all the difference Saturday afternoon when most of the snow melted.

After last night's car accidents, officials have one message they're hoping drivers will remember the next time winter weather approaches.

"If you're riding down the interstate and you can see three wrecks in front of you, and you know it's been snowing all day, we really ask you to just slow down take caution, and understand we have a situation. You're going to get where you're going. Just make sure you do it safely," says Montgomery County EMA Director, Steve Jones.

Most Montgomery roads are dry and EMA directors say they're planning to sit down and talk about how to improve future winter weather preparation.

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