Valentine's offers business boost

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Call it a boost for business.  Sunday, hundreds of floral arrangements  headed to houses across the city.

Designers at Capitol's Rosemont Gardens worked overtime, but they welcomed the demand.

"We have those last minute guys coming in, and they're coming in pretty quickly. One after another," explained floral designer Jerry Thrash.

While late business spiked sales, Valentine's Day isn't just about flowers and candy.

Hundreds of happy couples turned thrifty, staying at hotels for a discounted, romance rate.  They also took advantage of entertainment and dinner deals.

"We're trying to give all of our money to Montgomery and help this growing economy here," joked Nathan Mulholland of San Angelo, Texas.

On the Alabama River, crew members fired up the Harriett II for an evening excursion, selling out two cruises at $130 per couple.

"We sold out again. It's been wonderful. The guests have just loved spending their Valentine's Day with the boat," said Lainey Marlowe.

In the end, it's more about spending time than money, but a romantic holiday sure doesn't hurt.

"The chocolate covered strawberries and the champagne. Everything was just really wonderful," said Nyenye Johnson of Dothan.

Couples also flocked theatres this weekend.  The Montgomery Performing Arts Center hosted the musical Cabaret.

The movie "Valentine's Day" raked in $52 million at the box office.

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