Odd: Man attacked after daughter picks tomato

(NBC) - Miami-Dade. Florida Police are looking for a person who attacked a man because his daughter picked a roadside tomato.

Rob Lerner has surgical scars underneath the neck brace he wears. He says the morning of Jan. 28 he was driving with his 10-year-old daughter when she asked to pull over and pick a tomato.

Once she selected her fruit, police say a person claiming to be the tomato grove owner approached the two accused them of stealing and a fight ensued.

Lerner suffered fractures to his neck and spinal column.

Police have released a sketch of the attacker based on Lerner's description.

Lerner now has titanium plates and rods inserted into his neck.

When asked what he learned from the incident Lerner says he would not have stopped if he knew what would happen.

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