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Victoryland reacts to Alabama Attorney General's comments

Victoryland attorney responds to Attorney General Troy King's earlier press conference in statement below:

Victoryland Response to Troy King Statement

Following today's press conference by Attorney General Troy King, attorney for Victoryland Mark White said:

"We believe the Governor and Mr. Tyson should follow the advice given to them by the State's Attorney General and remove our property and our citizens from their lawless threats of arrest and destruction.

Because our machines have been certified to be in compliance with the Alabama Supreme Court Decision that set out the six-point definition of legal bingo, we are anxious to put our employees back to work and restore business operations.  We are willing to prove that again in the Circuit Court of Macon County.

If the Governor and Mr. Tyson reject the advice they have been given, the citizens will know they are acting against the best interests of our State.  General King will then have to decide if he will do his job as Attorney General by stepping in and taking over the legal process which is clearly his right under the Constitution."

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