Anti Gambling forum held in Dothan

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) –   A number of different religious leaders gathered in Dothan Wednesday to hear from the Southern Baptist Convention's public policy spokesman.

Over two hundred people committed to ending gambling in Alabama met at Calvary Baptist Church to hear from Dr. Richard Land.

Dr. Land, the president of the SBCs Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, spoke about negative effects gambling policy is creating in the state.

"They are bad neighbors they are bloodsuckers that suck they money and the vitality out of communities," said Land.

Dr. Land told the crowd that people are trying to gamble with Alabama's future and warned that now is the time to stand up and fight.

"It's absolutely critical that the faith community in Alabama speak up, if the faith community speaks up and says they do not want this gambling amendment to be passed and brought to the people then it won't happen," said Land.

Organizers say overcoming a possible statewide vote, to legalize gambling will be a big challenge but say they it's one they will win.

"The silent majority doesn't count for much as long as it's silent, it needs to become vocal, and when it becomes vocal, and then it becomes heard," says Land.  "And I have no doubt personally that if we were to take this to a referendum that the gamblers would eventually lose."

Land say's educating people and activating churches will stop gambling from spreading statewide.

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