AG King compared to a groundhog

Posted by: John Shryock - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama Attorney General Troy King announced Wednesday that he would not intervene in the governor's Task Force on Illegal Gambling, and it didn't take long for his re-election opponent, Luther Strange, to take notice.

Strange, a fellow Republican who is challenging King for his job, said of the AG's press conference, "King reminds me of the groundhog. He came out briefly, saw his shadow and went back in." The outcome, according to Strange, " least six more weeks of electronic bingo."

Strange blasted his opponent for not taking a stand on the legality of gambling, "and that's exactly what the gambling bosses have wanted him to do," he added.

King left the door open to taking control of the Task Force saying "Out of deferential respect for the Governor, assuming direction over Mr. Tyson is not an option that I am prepared to exercise . . . yet."

King says Gov. Bob Riley and the task force should seek a court ruling in every county where they question the legality of electronic bingo, and that would provide the opportunity for the Alabama Supreme Court to issue a ruling covering the whole state.

Governor Riley's Task Force leader, John Tyson, later declined to take King's advice.

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