Bright tries to soothe fear, frustration at town hall meeting

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Congressman Bobby Bright's congressional literature says he is 'Here to serve you.' In Tallassee constituents returned the favor, serving up a healthy dose of hard questions ranging from health care, the two on-going wars, unemployment and the federal deficit.

WSFA 12 News spoke with Butch Stanfield before he posed a few questions to the freshman congressman. Stanfield said at the time he quite frankly was none too happy with Congress, and that includes Mr. Bright.

"I am disappointed because I don't think he's looking out for Alabama," said Stanfield citing the mounting debt and a health care fight that never seems to end.

"We could all do better," concedes Congressman Bright.

Houston Martin wanted to know about the unemployment situation.

"I know he has a lot of issues come across his desk everyday,' said Martin.

Mr. Bright told the audience he understood their concerns and talked about coming up the hard way as a youngster. He fell short though of offering any magic pill to solve the problems confronting the country.

Congressman Bright, however, does believe he offered 'hope' that things will get better even though the nation is facing a mounting deficit of around 12 trillion dollars.

"I really believe you'll see that taper off and in the next three years you'll see that starting to come down," said Congressman Bright.

When the town hall meeting ended about an hour later, Stanfield said he was leaving a bit more optimistic than when he was first arrived.

As for Houston Martin? "I'm satisfied with the way he answered my questions. I feel he's doing a good job," said Martin.

On another issue Congressman Bright says he voted against the second stimulus package because he says he didn't want to raise the federal debt. Regardless, that House bill passed and is now in the hands of the U.S. Senate.

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